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The "zoo keeper" of your home appliances


Michie Cao and I proposed Zooly as an energy tracking app provided by local power company, for those who care about their energy consumption, and prefer a more easy and engaging way to manage their household appliances. 

Utilizing the energy disaggregation concept, which separates a whole-home energy signal into individual appliances, the mobile app enable users better track their appliances conditions, and encourage them to conserve energy and save cost.


Concept Video


The Problem


Energy consumption is something we all care about. There’re many apps out there to let people manage their home appliance using their mobile phones. However, many people feels not engaging with the app since they usually are with dry numbers and charts which are not comprehensive. Through further research we also found that it might be very helpful if the home appliance management app can directly communicate to the meter.


“I’m not so sensitive about numbers. 
I wish to know what to do with my appliance,
just a glance."

- User


The Idea

A mobile app with intuitive interface that enable users to manage energy consumption by easily knowing what happen and how to fix.

We were inspired by the idea that you can manage all the appliances were like little animals in the zoo that you can see how they’re doing at a quick glance, just like a zoo keeper. This turned out to be the main concept that lead to our product design.

Personifying Appliances 

To indicate the appliance’s conditions more intuitively at a glance, we personified each appliance into an anime character and designed four common states.


Design & Prototyping


Zooly prototype video


Appliances Dashboard

Swipe left and right to view all the added appliances on the dashboard,
and tap on each appliance to view its status information.


Adding a New Appliance

Users can add their household appliances to the dashboard. When they select one appliance, the app will automatically communicates with the power meter and starts the energy disaggregation process.

Appliance Status Information

Zooly provides the status information of each appliance and enables users to know how to better maintain the appliance. It also informs users the peak and off-peak hour costs of the appliance, and how much it costs compare to the average of the current market product.


How We Made It