Making automated financial service accessible, usable and delightful for everyone.

I currently work at Wealthfront to shape the automated investment service experience and reimagine how people invest their money.

I led the end-to-end design of the Wealthfront 529 College Savings Plan, one of the core products Wealthfront launched in 2016. It aimed at helping clients better pay for college expenses in a tax-efficient, low-cost, and sophisticated way. I led the design of the product's key features and relevant financial documents, also helped define UI components for our new design system during the process.
College Savings Plan case study >

I redesigned multiple high-traffic experience for growth experiments, such as the Invite a Friend feature and the Investment Plan page.
Invite a Friend case study >

I also make delightful marketing materials and recruiting swags. You can find some of them on my Dribble.