User Research, UX Design
User research / Concept Development /  Wireframing / Site Mapping / User Flow

Our project team Leroy Tellez, Michie Cao, Nga Nguyen and I conducted research for the New York Public Library to see what NYPL's main drawing points and drawbacks were and what expectations and desires patrons had for NYPL.  


On-site card sorting with a NYPL patron

In order to identify strengths and weaknesses of the NYPL, and find opportunities for innovation and improvement to make NYPL more visible as the place for discovery and reading, we conducted:

  • 3 on-site interviews with 3 NYPL patrons
  • a remote interview (using and GoToMeeting) with a user
  • a competitive research at Barnes and Noble and Strand Bookstores.


Research board with our project goals, patron quotes, NYPL's challenge/benefits, and insights we gained from the research.

Our findings revealed that NYPL patrons shared common frustrations with customer service, the library card registration process and ambience (not social and serendipitous enough), and lacking of awareness about NYPL's other resources aside from books. 

In an interview with NYPL stakeholders, they explained they wanted to NYPL to become the "gold seal place to go."  However, we found this to be a very vague term whose meaning changes with every person we interviewed.  At the end of our presentation, we included this board to show NYPL's variety of users and their idea of what the library meant to them.


User Experience Journey

User Experience Journey sketches detail

We wanted to improve the 3 touch points: awareness, customer service and ambience.   To demonstrate our concept, we created two user journeys and showed how they would engage with the truck from beginning to end.

To improve upon these issues, we came up with the NYPL Mobile Library concept that theme trucks travel throughout various locations in NYC to offer reading spaces, convenience self-service kiosk and interactive resource discovery experience through digital platform.

UX Design

Building the sitemap

User scenario sketches for interactive screen on the truck

Sitemap of key functions for the self-service iPad app on the truck
apply/renew a library card, resource discovery (special collection, events and classes)

High fedelity sketches

Wireframes: getting a library card