Citi Bike App Redesign

Product Strategy / User Journey / Prototyping / UI Design


An Easier Tour Around New York City

As a bike sharing program in New York City, Citi Bike came to SVA IxD for ideas on raise awareness among tourists from the US and abroad, and sell more 24-hour and 7-day passes.

My team (Michie Cao, Matt Brigantte, Sam Carmichael and I) proposed a new mobile app solution to the challenge above. The app featured a downloadable high-resolution map of NYC with layers for station locations and routes; improvement of unlocking a bike with combo generator, and riding the bike with a worry-free rental timer. The app also enabled in-app sign-up and payment using wi-fi enabled kiosks.

I finished the concept ideation with the team and we modeled a full user journey included the key touch points of the experience, using the synthesized insights from the research. After the group project, I continued summarizing the design requirements, and finishing the interaction design and UI design of the app.



"How to improve the app to engage tourists using Citi Bike to travel around New York and satisfy them with the service?"


Business Goals

+ Increase sales of 24-hour and 7-day pass
+ Expand the awareness of the program

User Goals

+ To successfully undock a Citi Bike
+ Tour around NYC safely as planned

Design Goals

+ Easy on-boarding experience for users
+ Integrate with in-phone payment and code

A user's experience map of using the Citi Bike service
Experience Map-01.jpg




                         Selecting the 24-Hour Pass

                         Selecting the 24-Hour Pass






Early Research and Ideation


The original app

User Research

We interviewed tourists about what they think of using City Bike to tour around the city. Most of them revolved around the fact that they were unfamiliar with the city and uncomfortable with using a local service that would largely require self-navigation and self-service.  


Researching at the Citi Bike station

User journey storyboard