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Building a geometry blogazine
and an enthusiasts community 
from the ground.

Founded in Feb, 2014

I founded the Geoperday (GEO/DAY) blogazine in the Entrepreneur Design class. In the blogazine, I curated geometry inspirations and discoveries from various fields of creativity, ranging from artistic concepts, design, architecture, creative coding, and fashion.  My inspiration were enhanced by adding Tumblr and Instagram.  I also found the GEO Design Store that enables people to purchase exclusive geometric design products, and has received orders from the U.S. and Europe.


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Meetup HQ Speak - April 23, 2014

Read the blog post here about my speak. 
Meetup group - Tech Under Thirty - post a summary of my speak here.

Why Geometry?

The concept of Geoperday is derived from my passion around geometry and its beauty.

Geometry is beautiful and magical. Just a simple dot, line and surface can evolve into multiple forms.  From simple to complex forms, the beauty of geometry is always fascinating in its symbology and representation of human imagination.  Everyday we encounter geometry to express our thoughts and experience another person’s creativity.

I hope to create a place for collecting daily geometry inspirations and discoveries from diverse fields like art, design, tech, architecture.


Using social media to build the community


I thoughtfully selected art works to post on Tumblr and Instagram to maintain this blogazine with rich and high quality content.


The Geoperday curation attracts people with similar interests and establishes an interaction with them.

I also manage multiple social media platforms and have gained valuable followers. I successfully connected to artists, galleries and magazines who eventually became Geoperday’s followers.


Geoperday Branding Design


Exclusive geometry posters design

I designed a series of geometric posters and started a GEO Design Store on Etsy.


Meeting people is awesome!


March 9, 2014
Interviewed with artist Zin Helena Song at the Fountain Art Fair.

Read about the Interview here.

April 22, 2014
Interviewed with Mary Huang, founder of Continuum Fashion, at her Brooklyn studio.

Read about the interview here.