Every Flora

Product Strategy / Service Design / User Experience Design / Branding


Send locally-grown seasonal flowers to your loved ones.

A 9-month exploration of user behavior, emotional design, storytelling, and the integration of digital and physical experience of an innovative flower delivery service.

Inspired by the Slow Flower and Slow Design movements, Every Flora is an online marketplace that sources locally grown seasonal flowers and offers a wide array of artisanal arrangements for customers to choose from. The website provides a view of each flower's journey from field to vase. It also enables deeper interaction by allowing senders to upload a video message which can be viewed by the recipient with a code found on the flower arrangement. 

The goals of Every Flora are threefold: to establish a sustainable system, to support the local flower community, and to give the users agency in the flower ordering and delivery experience. By offering an ethical and high-quality option to consumers, Every Flora will encourage more conscientious consumption of sustainable, beautiful flowers with an added dose of a more engaging experience for both givers and receivers. 

Source Flowers Locally

Support local farms, rooftop garden & community gardens; shorten transportation distance, good for the environment.

Seasonal Flowers

Read about each flower's story and caring tips; choose from in-house designed seasonal arrangements. 

Video Message

Record a video message and send it with the flowers; receiver can view your video with a code on the packaging.

Delivery Tracking

Trackable delivery information on the website
You'll know once the bouquet has been delivered

Presenting Every Flora at The SVA IXD Graduate Show 2015

Why flowers?

Flowers are organic products that people use to express their emotions and send messages to their special ones. The experience is highly subjective and emotional for both senders and receivers.

What do people want out of the current experience?

Customers seek for guidance and personalization when purchasing bouquet.

Customers want to know more about the knowledge and information around flowers.

Customers hope that the actual product (bouquet) delivered match with their expectation when
purchasing it.

The customer's pain points

Customers (senders) feel conflicted of balancing budget, efficiency, limitation of physical location and distance, bio-cost with transparency, authenticity and agency to make the right bouquet/experience for the receivers.

Potential Solutions

  • Efficiency
    Providing framework, prompt, knowledge, simplify flow
  • Transparency
    Informing, "what-you-see-is-what-you-get"
  • Limitation of physical location, bio-cost
    The store/service comes to you
  • Agency, authenticity
    Enable customers make their own products, personalization
  • Making the right product
    Provide guidance, design the experience as a whole story
  • Budget
    Package sell; charge per flower

Designing Customer Experience as Storytelling




An event that let people create their own Thanks-giving bouquet


A website concept that enable people to customize bouquets online


A mobile app seamless connect with the experience in physical storefront
(concept mockup)


Cards mockups with information of taking care of flowers

Photo Nov 23, 9 47 41 PM.jpg


Valentine's Day Mini Florist Cart Experiment